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Watching Movie – Dead Poets Society

Watching Movie - Home Alone

Podcast 1: Article

Podcast 2, Cause Effect Cohesive Device

Podcast 3, Dangling Modifier


Podcast 5, Misplaced Modifier

Podcast 6, ED and ING adjectives

Podcast 7, ME vs. I

Podcast 8, Prepositions of Time

Podcast 9, USED TO and BE USED TO

Podcast 10, Prepositions of Transport

Podcast 11, Collocations

Podcast 12, Linkers- first, second , third and last but not least

Podcast 13, Although - But

Podcast 14, Countable and Uncountable nouns

Podcast 15, There is vs It is

Get More Sleep

Anorexia Nervosa

Eating to Win

The Voices of Chinese Workers

The Effects of Name Calling and Bullying

Everyday Leadership

Ethics: Cheating and Plagiarism

Don't Sit Up Straight

Observing Language Functions in a Discussion

Video Activity

Tracking the Trackers

Making of The Pirates of the Caribbean

Think Before You Post

Star Ferry

Hong Kong Capsule Hotel

Why Education in Finland Works

Schools Kill Creativity

Candy Chang: "Before I die I want to..."

Helicopter Parents vs Free Range Kids

Micro Houses in Japan

How to Live before you Die

Lego Story

Listening & Note Taking Activity

What Teachers Make

Are You Addicted to Your Smart Phone?

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Why Videos Go Viral